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New York, NYLiminal Instruments, an interactive exhibition about the present and future of music technology, will launch at the renowned White Box Gallery on July 8, 2018. The exhibition will run from July 8 to July 14, 2018.

Liminal Instruments explores the relationship between the moment in which we find ourselves and the boundless instruments of our time. We have been presented a new musical toolkit, and it looks very different from a violin. But why hasn’t the use of touch capacitive sensors to generate sound exploded onto the scene with the same fervor that the electric guitar did in 1950? Liminal Instruments proposes that though these new means of musical creation might look alien or feel disjointed or even entirely obscure, they still rightly deserve a place in the musical cannon.

Why is an arduino different from a guitar? It is a simple piece of machinery that can emit complicated sounds -sometimes beautiful- when used correctly. Are we as humans married to a one-to-one relationships with tools in the time of the handheld, multi-tasking rectangle? It is incumbent upon musicians of the zeitgeist not only to acknowledge but harness these new means of artistic creation for the sake of progress. Technology is simply a history of progress. New sounds are simply a continuation of the narrative. We  must always remember that technology doesn’t exist despite us, but because of us. What do our technological advancements display in terms of our wants and needs? What will we come up with next?

The exhibition features renowned artists from New York who experiment with sound and innovative digital technology. Liminal Instruments aims to spark conversations about the possibilities and challenges that exist within these new technologies.

Liminal Instruments is Curated and Produced by Lindsey Piscitell and Marco F. Guarino.


Photography: Isabella Vento

Graphic Design: Marco F. Guarino and Lindsey Daniels